• joshtromero

Self Made In Fire LP - Winter 2022

Updated: Mar 2

The title track from the upcoming Only Fables full length album, Self Made In

Fire, is a step into the shadow compared to the self-titled traditional, hardcore-punk EP

released in Fall of 2021.

The track stands as the “alter call” to live for and define yourself. Inspired by the

story of the biblical fall of Lucifer and his angels from heaven, this is a callout to

the god of heaven for creating life only to enslave it. It’s about finding who you are

and disallowing others to define you.

“Here we define that which we are, wholly divine, self-made in fire.”

Embracing the idea that we are divine in our own rights, I believe we are the ultimate arbiters of our own realities.

The album will follow a similar thread as it thematically centers around the

destruction the Christian church has caused through proselytizing people and

groups—and murdering those who oppose it. From the creation of angels to the

Satanic Panic (which I believe remains active today), we’ve chosen to define this

upcoming album as “church burner punk.”

“I’m definitely trying to write things a bit darker this time.” Said Brett Bronner, composer and producer. “I’m trying to keep the speed and stompiness of the punk-hardcore, but with a lot more metal influence getting in there.”

We are dedicated to the traditional punk sound and attitude but we are allowing

ourselves the freedom to rest in our intrinsic, and imperative darkness. This album

is a call to define yourself and live in that light.

Some songs break from the overall theme and cling to the struggles of life and

desire, battling with the “good and evil” that dwell in us. They hold to the belief

that we define morality and we choose our own way. Chane Me, on the surface is a

story about a werewolf, but when peeled back, you find an allegory for the

realization of desire with a cost, (“full of power at the loss of control”) leaving us

to question what we are all capable of if given what we truly want.

Writing for the album, Self Made In Fire, began in early January 2022. Four tracks

have been completed and the first single, Panic, will be hitting all streaming

platforms in May 2022. Self Made In Fire will drop in Winter 2022.