• joshtromero

Panic! We want your soul!


You’ve got me looking like your favorite nightmare

all dressed in disease

I’ll be floating through your holy visions

Tearing apart the scene

I’ve been surrounded by your holy red wings

They’re gonna crucify me

They’re standing by for you to say the word

So they sink their fangs into me

Give us your heart

Give us your soul

Give us your mind

Give us what should be yours to hold

You think you're doing me some kind of favor

Make me part of your holy regime

I’m tired of this manipulative blather

I’ve opened my eyes to see

You really wanna have to see my fangs?

For the love of god, just let me be

You pushed your dogma on me for the last time

My agenda is free to be seen

“There is no salvation in hell. There’s no savior in hell. There’s no bible in hell. There’s no blood in hell. Whatever goes to hell stays in hell. Hell is a place therefore that awaits you. There’s just one name that can keep you out of hell, and it’s the name of Jesus!”

I’m not yours to mold

I don’t wanna be apart of your cult

Panic Panic

We’re coming after everything you hold dear

Panic Panic

We’re coming after your soul

Panic Panic

We’re coming after everything you hold dear

Panic Panic

We want your soul

During the Jesus Movement in the 60’s, Christian Fundamentalism preached a warning about the devil’s influence in pop-culture, ranging from children’s cereal to metal music. This charismatic dynamism became known as the Satanic Panic, in which the church labeled any religion or spiritual practice outside of itself as the Occult. This was a time of fear and confusion as the church cried out that everything spiritual practice outside of itself was demonic and dangerous. False accusation of Satanic child abuse and ritualistic murders were regular news stories. Demonic messages hidden in rock albums and the rejection of science and rationality in favor of spiritual warfare were laying the ground for the religious far right. Every “vague spirituality” and world religion or power outside of the god of the Bible was backed by its own demon. The message may be less prevalent in pop-culture today, but it is still rampant within Evangelical churches and communities.

“The Satanic Panic is a way of being for the evangelical church.” says an anonymous ex-Evangelical. “Anything they didn’t invent, birth, or hijack for their own purposes is subject to be labeled demonic. It may not have the fervor of the 1980’s, but it still simmers. It’s alive and well.” After the origins of the earth, the bible opens with a struggle between good and evil (Genesis 3). The desire to be like god, and understand good and evil lead Eve to take the fruit from the serpent in the garden of Eden. There is debate on whether this serpent is Satan or Lucifer himself, but overall, the general consensus is that he served the purpose of Satan to lead Eve into temptation. When a Christian is deep in the faith, it’s easy for them to see who the adversary is. So it stands to reason that fear or worry of this entity would arise as subject matter behind the pulpit. The message of heaven and hell, good vs. evil, and god vs. the devil are regular topics in this community.

Though the term was coined to surround the events of the late 60’s to early 80’s, a Satanic panic can be traced through history to the Spanish Inquisition in 1478. This was said to have begun to maintain orthodoxy in the church, but spread to justify hunts and accusations of witchcraft. Men and women were tortured into confessing their league with the devil and burned alive as a consequence. Much like the widely known Salem Witch Trials, these events extend far beyond the time frame of the Satanic Panic and tend to have the same common denominator–a desire for power.

The bible says that Jesus requires us to give our souls to him, to conform to his image, and follow him. We say your soul is your own. Any person or religion requiring you to conform does so out of a need for control. You are your own. Do not deny yourself for the sake of someone else. Be who you want to be. Do what thou wilt, and respect the will of others to be who they want to be. And if there is no salvation in the hell that awaits us, then hell will be ours. For it is “better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav'n”.

Panic, the first single from our upcoming album, Self Made In Fire, is available everywhere you stream music.