"Shit is Crushing"

- Doom Riffage

Starting during quarantine (7.2020), Brett Bronner and Josh T. Romero worked from a distance to create the hardcore punk you hear today. Only Fables (named from a line in the Hermetica) brings elements of hardcore punk, black metal, crust, and doom. Though their “shit is crushing”, Only Fables stands for self-direction and personal liberty with compassion. This “music for the revolt” is based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Today, Only Fables is comprised of Brett Bronner (lead guitar), Andy Domski (rhythm guitar), Marcus Furrow (bass), Klay Parker (drums), & Josh T. Romero (vocals). 

"Tough music!"

- Dion Griego

"It's music for the revolt."

- Jason Kissam

"This music makes me want to punch holes in a wall... with a Positive Mental Attitude of course."

- Sincerely, Iris

"Do you like fast, heavy, old school hardcore? Of course you do. Click this post and follow the link. theses guys RIP."

- Iron Soul Gym

Only Fables Live in Albuquerque New Mexico
"Run this mf up"

- David Wannadye

"Local homies doing work. Crusty hardcore punk from the 505. Reminds me of Charles Bronson or Outbreak."

- Brandon Daniel

"The boys go hard"

- Michael

"Got 11 minutes and 12 seconds to spare? The dudes in Only Fables will kick your head in and leave you wanting more."

- Alter Apex

Only Fables Live in Albuquerque New Mexico
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